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Fiat 500

A genuine microcar, the Fiat 500 used to zip out of dealerships between 1957 and 1975. For its 50th anniversary, the Fiat 500 was re-released as an all new four-seat, three-door hatchback.

Is it comfortable?
The Fiat 500 used to confuse reviewers by being so incredibly small it didn’t offer much space for passengers in the rear. But it’s in this tiny size that the Fiat 500’s charm truly lies. Quite simply, the Fiat 500 is a lifestyle statement, not a vehicle you buy to carry four people on a regular basis. Inside and outside, it is dripping with enough retro-cool, fun and style to make it an awesome ride for chic young women who are dripping with cool and style of their own. Why young women? The Fiat 500 has never been popular with male buyers. But in all fairness, it doesn’t really look as if it was aimed at them.

How does it drive?
The Fiat 500 looks like it’s designed for driving in the city; with a tiny turning circle and microscopic wheelbase, you’ll squeeze it into the smallest parking spaces imaginable. The high driving position in the Fiat 500 will give a sense of security when driving on the expressway. The engines might not. The two-cylinder and four-cylinder petrol engines don’t really deliver the zip you’ll find in competitors. Incidentally, although they were produced, you’ll probably never find a used Fiat 500 with a diesel engine; they simply didn’t prove very popular with buyers. However, you’ll find that a used Fiat 500 is incredibly reliable. But is this an important selling point?

The verdict 
We think that before anything else, you’ll want to take a look at the used Fiat 500 you’re bidding on. Why? This is one car that’s appearance is going to be a major selling point. Head to ADESA to take a look at the photos for your used Fiat 500 today!

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