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Fiat Bravo

The Fiat Bravo is a small family car available as a five-door hatchback. Elegant and stylish, it brings a touch of flair to the road.

Is it comfortable?
There’s no doubt about it: the Fiat Bravo looks great, with an attractive design and impressive style on a vehicle that is wider than the average small family car. In fact, according to Fiat, the Bravo is the widest car in its class, with more shoulder room than any other compact family hatchback and it is delightfully roomy. As for the legroom in the rear seat? The Volkswagen Golf and Ford Focus are sure to beat it here, but it’s really not bad. In fact, the seats in the Fiat Bravo are quite comfortable. The cabin is quiet, the boot is relatively large with a 365-litre capacity that expands to 1,175 litres when the rear seats are folded down. It might not set any records here, but it is more than reasonable.

How does it drive?
The Fiat Bravo is an excellent car for driving in town. The steering is light and responsive and with a tiny wheelbase, it’s easy to park and manoeuvre. As for the engine … The Bravo used to stack up reasonably well against the competition, especially in terms of performance, but the three diesel and three petrol engines quickly fell a long way behind. The standard 1.4-litre engine consumes 5 litres of fuel has CO2 emissions of 145g/km. It’s not likely to impress anyone. Instead, look for a Fiat Bravo that drinks a satisfactorily low 3.5 litres of fuel for emissions totalling a more reasonable 115g/km.

The verdict
The Bravo has always been good value for money and used Fiat Bravos are set to continue that trend. Which is exactly why you’ll benefit from taking a look and placing a bid on the right used Fiat Bravo when you see it at ADESA.

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