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Fiat Doblo

The Fiat Doblo is a panel van and leisure activity vehicle available as a five- and seven-seater. It’s been named International Van of the Year on two separate occasions.

Is it practical?
The first thing you’ll notice is the space. The Fiat Doblo used every trick in the book to maximise its space beyond what other panel vans, such as the Peugeot Partner, Opel Combo or Volkswagen Caddy have managed to do. The five-seater offers plenty of room for passengers. If you make them walk, you’ll be able to fold the seats down to carry 5m3 of cargo. The luggage bay is easily accessible through the back, where you’ll find twin doors or a lift-up tailgate, and the side, where you’ll find one or two sliding doors. Exactly what you’ll have will depend on the model; the Fiat Doblo was built with different wheelbases and there are raised roofs available. However, in all these different models, you’ll notice that the trim in the cabin and luggage bay of the Fiat Doblo looks like it’s been for heavy loads. It looks durable. This is far more important for a vehicle that’s clearly designed to be a workhorse.

How does it drive?
The rear suspension of the Fiat Doblo is quite the selling point; it’s a technologically advanced, fully independent set-up that’s been modified to cope with the heavy loads. Clever! You’ll enjoy the smooth ride. The running costs for the Fiat Doblo are very reasonable across all the petrol and diesel engines; they range from 1.4 litres to 2.4 litres. Mechanically, it’s not likely to let you down and previous owners report very few faults.

The verdict 
With the thumbs up for reliability, a used Fiat Doblo is immediately an attractive vehicle. Factor in the practicality and smooth ride and you’ve got a vehicle that’s worth a good bid at ADESA.

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