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Fiat Ducato

The Fiat Ducato is a light commercial van. It is almost identical to the Citröen Jumpy and the Peugeot Boxer. It will transport loads weighing up to 2,500kg and do so with impressive fuel consumption and low emissions.

Is it practical?
As Fiat now have over a century of experience in the van market, it’s okay to have high expectations for the Fiat Ducato, their flagship vehicle. They’ve obviously thought about what they’re doing, with an enormous range of sizes and dimensions covering every nook and cranny of the large van class. There’s plenty of room between the rear wheel arches making it easy to load pallets into the cavernous 17,000-litre cargo hold. The weight capacities vary from model to model, but reach as high as 2,500kg (which is so high that you might need a truck license to drive it). This basically means that you’ll be able to comfortably fit two rhinoceroses into the back of a Fiat Ducato—the true test of practicality. Up front, everything is more than comfortable enough; the Fiat Ducato won’t win a comfort competition with the Mercedes Sprinter, but buying one won’t leave your wallet feeling as light either.

How does it drive?
This is the real selling point of the Fiat Ducato. Used sensibly, it has impressive fuel consumption. Although the exact figures will depend on the engine and the load, you should be able to squeeze 15km/L out of it. CO2 emissions hover around 160g/km for the 2.0 litre diesel and rise up to about 165g/km for the larger 3.0 litre diesel. A big plus here, especially when you’re buying a used Fiat Ducato, is that these engines are ultra-reliable and only need servicing every 45,000km.

The verdict 
With such impressive reliability, running costs and performance, a used Fiat Ducato is definitely worth a look if you’re searching for an enormous van. You’ll find your used Fiat Ducato waiting for you at ADESA.

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