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Fiat Freemont

Fiat Freemont is a midsized five-door crossover SUV that seats seven. It’s been based on the Dodge Journey, but rebranded and slightly adjusted to make it more attractive to the European market.

Is it comfortable?
The Fiat Freemont used every trick in the book to make sure it does exactly what family cars need to do. It has plenty of storage spaces for the kids to stash things away from the adults and for the adults to stash things away from the kids. There’s adequate space in the second and third rows of seats, although they’re better suited to smaller kids than adults. If you’re going on holiday instead of ferrying the kids about, the third row folds into the floor to increase the boot space. And best of all, the Fiat Freemont looks great. It has a clever, muscular contemporary design that helps it to stand out from the Nissan Qashqai, Volkswagen Tiguan, Honda CRV and masses of other crossover SUVs that have littered the market in the past few years. But this is really the only sign of innovation. Everything else seems like it’s a box that’s been ticked off in the design workshop. While this isn’t bad per se, it might become a little disappointing.

How does it drive?
This is where there are a few differences between the Fiat Freemont and the Dodge is based on. Fiat decreased the V6 to a four-cylinder engine, lowering fuel consumption and driveability. The diesel engine travels 12-15km/L, admirable for an SUV the size and weight of the Fiat Freemont and far superior to the petrol alternative. If Start/Stop technology was available, it would have dropped the consumption further ... The sizeable 78-litre fuel tank on the Fiat Freemont is a much more impressive achievement. Nice work! And the Freemont performs better off-road than most crossover SUVs.

The verdict 
A used Fiat Freemont has the advantage that all the recalls should already have been responded to, all the bugs ironed out and a low price tag thanks to depreciation. In other words, keep your bids low when you look for a used Fiat Freemont at ADESA.

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