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Fiat Panda

The Fiat Panda is a city car available as a five-door hatchback. Essentially the big brother of the Fiat 500, the Panda used the style of mini MPVs and mini SUVs for inspiration. It was named 2004 European Car of the Year.

What is a Fiat Panda?
There’s a reason why you might be confused. When you think of a city car, you’ll probably think of a Škoda Fabia, Toyota Aygo or a Peugeot 107. The Fiat Panda doesn’t look like any of them. In fact, with its high body, it looks more like an SUV than a city car. Actually, the Panda used several other design and style cues taken directly from various SUV models. And why not? It saw the Fiat Panda attract the eye of 2,000,000 buyers in just eight years.

Is it practical?
Despite all the style, the designers for the Fiat Panda used every trick in the book to ensure practicality. The raised height makes it easy to climb in and out and there’s plenty of legroom up front. The dash is funky and looks like it will last a lifetime. The light steering is awesome for parking and driving in the city. The engine options in the Fiat Panda are all clearly aimed at sending the vehicle zipping about the urban landscape. Most impressive of all is the reliability of the Fiat Panda: it’s far beyond what you would expect from Fiat and will definitely make a used Fiat Panda very interesting to buyers.

The verdict 
When you bid on a used Fiat Panda, you’re bidding on a practical vehicle that looks great and is super reliable. Don’t let your Panda escape! Go to ADESA to put your bid down!

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