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Fiat Punto

The Fiat Punto is a subcompact supermini available as a three-door and five-door hatchback, a convertible coupé and a three-door van.

Is it comfortable?
The appearance of the Fiat Punto is going to be its biggest selling point. And no wonder. It looks truly awesome. This style extends to the interior. The emphasis is on curves and appearance rather than the quality of materials, with no need for pretension or luxury—the Fiat Punto is for getting from A to B and looking good while you do it. It’s going to be comfortable enough for anyone sitting in the front and as one of the biggest superminis on the market, actually offers a decent amount of room for adult passengers in the rear seat.

How does it drive?
The designers for the Fiat Punto used petrol and diesel engines that deliver reasonable performance, but that are essentially a little out of date. This is most obvious in the fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, although even the level of reliability hints that the engine was designed ten years ago. The Fiat Punto makes up for this, to some extent, with an impressive safety rating and front, knee and side airbags. It has super-soft suspension and will float across uneven road surfaces and bumps as if they’re not there. The handling may be a bit light, especially on the open road, but make no mistakes: the Fiat Punto is a car designed for driving in the city.

The verdict 
A used Fiat Punto looks spectacular. Is this enough to help it win over competition from the Nissan Micra and the Ford Fiesta? You’ll never know unless you make sure your prospective buyers take a look; it might be all that’s needed for them to fall in love with a used Fiat Punto.

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