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Ford Focus

For several years, the Ford Focus has been holding a top ten position on the list of best sold cars worldwide. Originally a compact three- and five-door family hatchback, it’s now also available as a sedan, station wagon, coupé and coupé convertible. The Ford Focus has competed in rally and touring car competitions around the world.

Is it comfortable?
The Ford Focus proves that quality is possible in a relatively low-cost family car. The rear seat might not be attractive to a tall person, but no rear seat ever really is. The boot is also a bit smaller than the competition, but the Ford Focus makes up for this in other ways. The interior trim feels up-market and combines with the excellent drive to give the Ford Focus a luxury car feel. For the third-generation Ford Focus (2012), Ford specifically took the elderly into consideration, making sure the vehicle design caters for people with physical limitations. 

How does it drive?
The Ford Focus used to be marketed as a family car, but it has been embraced by serious drivers the world round. This is because the Ford Focus is refined and cheap to run with handling, steering and driveability that stand out in a field that includes the Volkswagen Golf, Volvo V40, BMW 1 Series and the Audi A3.The basic suspension design has contributed much to the success of the Ford Focus. It handles beautifully, especially in earlier models, with a range of powerful petrol, diesel and now electric engines available. A few of these engines also drop below the magical 99g CO2/km barrier, making the Ford Focus a very tidy investment.

The verdict 
It’s incredible popularity means there are plenty of used Ford Focus models on the market. There are also plenty of people who want them … Find yours at ADESA.

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