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Mercedes A-Class

The Mercedes A-Class was originally released as a sub-compact five-door hatchback in the luxury class, but has grown bigger and longer as time’s gone by. Exactly what does a used Mercedes A-Class offer you?

What makes it attractive?
The Mercedes A-Class has a few big selling points. First up? The Mercedes badge. The Mercedes A-Class gives you a fair-priced means of having the three-point star appear on your driveway. The Mercedes A-Class looks unashamedly awesome. There are curves throughout, giving it a sporty appearance that is sure to appeal. The doors are very wide-hinged in the front, making it easy to climb in. The curved seats also result in extra knee room in the back seats, but don’t let this fool you into thinking the Mercedes A-Class hatchback is a family car. It’s not that spacious and shouldn’t force you into choosing the five-door over the three-door hatchback. The Mercedes A-Class CLA station wagon would tick a few more boxes for anyone who’s expecting to shuttle kids around.

How does it drive?
Good news! The Mercedes A-Class drives like a Merc: noise and bumps are replaced with excellent safety technology and a variety of luxuries. Of course, many of these luxuries are added options. A few options, such as Parktronic automatic parking, are definitely worth looking for, and others, such as 4WD, will also add value to a used Mercedes A-Class when you’re ready to sell.

The engines are typically bigger than you’ll find in a hatchback and ensure the Mercedes A-Class is able to compete with the BMW 1 Series and the Audi A3.

The verdict 
When you’re looking for a used Mercedes A-Class, you’ll want to know which options have been fitted. There have been plenty available over time and they’ve never been particularly cheap. Make sure you keep your eye on them when you’re working out what to bid on a used Mercedes A-Classe.

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