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Mercedes B-Class

The Mercedes B-Class is a compact five-door hatchback, bigger than the Mercedes A-Class and sometimes considered to be a small MPV.

Is it comfortable?
The Mercedes B-Class has quality, comfort and space to spare. Much of this is made possible by the unusually high body that gives the Mercedes B-Class a feeling of being larger on the inside than the outside. Part of this is due to the very vertical seating, but the 488-litre boot—which expands to 1,547 litres when the rear seats are folded down—also plays a part. There’s no shortage of leg and headroom in the front or back; the driver’s seat and steering wheel have every adjustment possible, ensuring a comfy ride.

How does it drive?
When you look at how tall the Mercedes B-Class is, you can’t help but admire how well it takes corners and appreciate the overall quality of the ride. Dynamic and with a strong grip, the Mercedes B-Class gives you that feeling of safety that is usually reserved for a Volvo. The later engines in particular seem to have been fine-tuned for frugality; each one has a turbo and on the long list of optional extras that are available, you’ll find Stop/Start technology and even a fully electric version of the Mercedes B-Class.

The verdict 
You may not expect it, but a used Mercedes B-Class is not immune to the ravages of depreciation. Of course, as with the Mercedes A-Class, the biggest selling point is probably still the Mercedes badge on the nose, but a detailed inspection of the options fitted may determine the overall value of the Mercedes B-Class you bid on.

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