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Mercedes C-Class

Mercedes C-Class is a line of compact executive vehicles including sedans, station wagons, coupés and coupé convertibles.

Is it comfortable?
The Mercedes C-Class is obviously going to great lengths to offer comfort; even the longest-legged drivers will be happy behind the wheel, with a plethora of possible adjustments to the driver’s seat and the steering wheel. The three rear seats in the Mercedes C-Class will comfortably seat two tall adults, with the third seat there for you if you ever need it. There’s also a 480-litre boot that will carry the weekly grocery shopping, a few suitcases or your golf clubs without any issues.

How does it drive?
The Mercedes C-Class has several different petrol and diesel engine options. Most of them are four-cylinder powerhouses, all are reliable and powerful, and there is a diesel-electric hybrid out there if you want to lower your emissions and road taxes. The steering on the Mercedes C-Class is quick and direct, which earns it big points for city driving. Best of all? You can rely on the Mercedes C-Class. It’s exactly what you should expect, especially as the reliability acts as an extension of the high quality you’ll find in almost every other aspect of the car.

The verdict 
If you’re buying a used Mercedes C-Class, it’s worth buying one that’s as recent as possible. Mercedes have kept wheeling out improvements, with former options appearing as standard inclusions and significant updates to style, technology and equipment.

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