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Mercedes E-Class

The Mercedes E-Class is a range of midsize luxury executive vehicles. It has been available as a sedan, station wagon, coupé and coupé convertible. The Mercedes E-Class is renowned for offering high luxury.

Is it comfortable?
The Mercedes E-Class redefines the meaning of comfort. The cabin is draped in leather and quality materials, with more recent models featuring touchscreen systems in the dashboard. The Mercedes E-Class seems to land between the Mercedes C-Class and the Mercedes Class S in terms of size and this is quite the feat since you sit quite high up in the cabin, which is another comfortable addition. There’s lots of space in the rear seat too. Finally, the Mercedes E-Class has a 540-litre boot that looks like it’s been made for holding luggage on family holidays.

How does it drive?
Once upon a time, the Mercedes E-Class entered the market as a huge V8. Things have changed and the focus is now on four- and six-cylinder engines, although there is also a plug-in hybrid. CO2 emissions and fuel consumption have dropped as a result. Different technological innovations, a drop in overall weight and excellent suspension deliver better handling and a more enjoyable drive than ever. The Mercedes E-Class has unbelievable acceleration for a vehicle with such low emissions, while driving it on the expressway is an impressive experience.

The verdict 
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