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Our online used car auction platform sells high-quality vehicles of all car makes. You can choose from variety of thoroughly checked used vehicles at competitive prices. Just log in to place your bid. Don't have an account yet? Register for free.

The new and used vehicles (berline, break, cabrio, compact, coupé, MPV, vans, ...) you see here come from the leading leasing companies, car rental companies, manufacturers and fleet owners in Europe. Each vehicle is presented with a detailed vehicle description and damage report. For many vehicles we are even able to present inspection reports from an independent 3rd party.

So which car makes do we have on our auction website? Well, pretty much everything. You'll find all the major car makes that are available in Europe in our auctions at one time or another. The best way to find the vehicles that you are looking for, is by using our advanced search. Here you can mix different search criteria any way you want.