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Peugeot 407 SW

Although the 407 SW is theoretically a large family station wagon, it’s most popular as a company car. Stylish, comfortable and economical, a used Peugeot 407 SW is a wonderful investment.

Is it comfortable?
When it was released in 2004, the streamlined styling of the 407 SW was considered almost revolutionary. It looks good inside and is wonderfully comfortable for drivers on long journeys, underlining its qualities as a company car. It’s a bit tight in the back seat and you’ll find the unfortunately squishy middle back seat; it’s okay for kids, but adults will feel claustrophobic. You’ll be fine packing holiday luggage in; at 430 litres (or 1,365 litres with the back seats removed), the boot of the 407 SW is quite large. It also comes with a convenient rear window that opens to allow you to drop things in without opening the entire rear hatch.

How does it drive?
Peugeot extended the bonnet of the 407 SW to make the vehicle more pedestrian friendly. You might think this would make steering a touch more difficult, but in this case, you would be wildly mistaken. The steering is sensationally responsive, although this doesn’t mean your turning circle is any smaller. The suspension also deserves an honourable mention, as do the engines. Peugeot used to produce the 407 SW with a petrol engine, but it seems that only diesels have been coming off the production line. Ranging in size from 2.0 to 3.0 litres, they all offer excellent pulling power, impressively low fuel consumption and emissions low enough to reduce road taxes.

The verdict 
With plenty of space and comfort, low emissions and, most likely, a history as a company car that cruised up and down expressways, a used Peugeot 407 SW is a good buy. Why not take a look at them on ADESA and place a bid?

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