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Peugeot Expert

The Peugeot Expert is virtually the same as the Citroën Dispatch and the Toyota ProAce. In 2016, it was renamed the Peugeot Traveller. Whatever the name, expect a practical workhorse that will get you and your cargo from A to B.

Is it practical?
Is it ever! The Peugeot experts knew exactly what they were doing: the rear suspension has been cleverly designed to reduce intrusion into the load bay, leaving enough room for two Euro pallets. Depending on the model, the Expert is between 3.32m and 4.60m long. Vans with the smaller 1.6L engines are able to transport loads of 1,000kg, while you’ll be able to move 1,400kg if your Peugeot Expert is fitted with a 2.0-litre engine. Plus, the cabin of the Expert has three comfortable seats and enough room to keep the gear stick out of the way of passengers’ legs.

How does it drive?
This may sound odd, but the Peugeot Expert drives more like a car than a van. It has plenty of (optional) safety features you would usually expect to see in a car. However, it has no problem with big loads, with heavy-duty suspension and power steering designed to handle extra weight. The Expert leads the class in economy, largely due to the lightweight construction. It’s between 100kg and 300kg lighter than the competition. Incidentally, real-world tests with varying loads show the fuel consumption is about 0.5L/km lower than anything else in the class … It’s time to fall in love! Log in to ADESA and place a bid on your used Peugeot Expert.

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