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Skoda Fabia

The Škoda Fabia is a supermini car available as a hatchback, sedan and a station wagon, perfect for driving in the city.

Is it comfortable?
Being built from parts manufactured by Volkswagen, you have a right to expect the Škoda Fabia to be a high-quality, incredibly practical, efficient and good-looking vehicle … In other words, you might expect it to be a Volkswagen Polo. But the Fabia goes a step further by offering an enormous amount of space. The cabin is large and roomy. You’ll certainly sit comfortably too; you’ll have no problems being stuck behind the wheel for hours on end. Passengers have as much room as in other superminis, while the boot is the biggest available in the supermini class.

How does it drive?
The Škoda Fabia drives exactly how a supermini should; it’s smooth and responsive, and despite the small engine, it has enough oomph to make it fun. With narrow pillars, the view out the front is good and the same applies for the side and rear windows.

What about running costs?
Frightening. But frightening in a good way. The Fabia used to run on little more than the smell of petrol when it was first released and has even lower fuel consumption figures now. The latest models proclaim you’ll be able to drive 100km on three litres, which translates into 70km outside test conditions.

The verdict 
Škoda used to be overlooked as a sensible buy. The Fabia changed all that. It’s a great little city car, so head to ADESA to find your used Škoda Fabia now!

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