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Skoda Octavia

The Škoda Octavia was originally produced between 1959 and 1971. The modern-era Škoda Octavia is a family car available as a five-door liftback or a five-door estate, with plenty of different options and versions.

What is a Škoda Octavia?
The Škoda Octavia is an unsung hero among family cars. It might not be as glitzy or glamorous, but it’s bigger than the Volkswagen Golf and the Opel Astra.

Is it comfortable?
Its practicalities define the Škoda Octavia; the dashboard looks and feels classy, the driving position is excellent, it’s designed for and comfortably seats five tall adults and the boot will swallow holiday luggage and still have space to spare.

How does it drive?
The Octavia is at its best on the open road. The clever people who designed it realised the difficultly in seeing where the rear of the vehicle actually ends, and as such, you’ll find a lot of recent versions have much-needed parking sensors. The Škoda Octavia is available with petrol and diesel engines ranging between 1.2 and 2.0 litres in size. Later models are all turbocharged. Performance is impressive, fuel consumption is low and servicing and insurance is cheaper than for most of its competitors.

The verdict
The Škoda Octavia is a durable and dependable car, which makes a used Škoda Octavia increasingly attractive. Make sure you bid sensibly on your used Octavia at ADESA and you’ll have a genuine winner on your hands.

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