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Skoda Rapid

The Škoda Rapid has been around in one form or another since 1935. The modern iteration is a subcompact family car available as a hatchback and a spaceback.

Is it comfortable?
The Škoda Rapid might be best aimed at families on a budget; there’s certainly nothing much to make your jaw drop, but despite this, the Rapid does have something to offer. First up is its clever design. Or more accurately, it’s brilliantly clever design. In terms of space, the Škoda Rapid wipes the floor with competitors such as the Ford Focus and the Volkswagen Golf. The boot is larger and there’s plenty of space for five adults … As long as they’re not too tall. The Rapid also includes features such as an information centre, driver assist, a modern audio system with input for mp3 players, adjustable seats, headrests, armrests and tilt steering. Nice.

How does it drive?
It’s a very jittery drive; you can tell from the suspension the Rapid was built on a budget. Ranging in size from 1.2 to 1.6 litres, the engines aren’t overly powerful. But this also means the Škoda Rapid is super cheap to run. And when it comes to CO2 emissions? Good news: there’s even an engine option that dips below the magical 100g/km mark.

The verdict 
It’s practical, has the option of low CO2 emissions and is built from solid space. All good news. Yet the Škoda Rapid is still struggling to finding traction in the used market. The Rapid is lucky to hold onto a third of the original purchase price at resale time. This means that a used Škoda Rapid has the ability to be a genuine gift if you have the clientele interested in it or the sales skills to highlight its brilliance.

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