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Skoda Superb

The flagship model in the Škoda range, the Superb is a large luxury family car that’s available as a compact executive or a five-seat liftback.

Is it comfortable?
With the dominance of the Mercedes C Class and the BMW 3 Series, the idea of a luxury car from Škoda used to be incomprehensible. But so was the idea that someone would name a vehicle model ‘Superb’. The good news is that the Škoda Superb certainly delivers everything you would expect from a luxury family car. It’s comfortable beyond belief with enough leg-, shoulder- and headroom to seat a herd of giraffes comfortably. The Superb is also practical; the hatchback model features a ‘Twindoor’ that allows you to open the boot lid alone or the entire rear of the car, revealing enough space to store suitcases, a month of shopping or a jumbo jet. And while it doesn’t have the Twindoor, the Superb station wagon still has an equally cavernous boot.

How does it drive?
The Škoda Superb isn’t light, but the different engines deliver enough power and torque to make up for this. The fuel consumption and the emissions will depend on which engine your Superb has. The handling has merits; the suspension makes up for poor quality road surfaces and keeps your ride smooth.

The verdict 
You may not believe it, but the Škoda Superb is a serious rival for the Audi A6. Make sure you have a used Škoda Superb for sale at your dealership. See what’s available at ADESA today!

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