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Skoda Yeti

Like the Renault Captur, the Škoda Yeti is a compact crossover SUV. It’s great as a family car, but equally impressive as an all-rounder.

Is it comfortable?
The tall square doors of the Škoda Yeti make it wonderfully easy to climb in and out. There’s also plenty of head- and legroom for everyone in the front and back. The driver’s seat adjusts in every way imaginable, while the rear seats fold, flip and are even removable. And when they’re out? You’ll have 1,750 litres of space in the boot, making it so vast, you’ll have trouble finding something you can’t transport in there.

How does it drive?
Although the Yeti is from a market focused on practicality, where driver appeal is way down the list of priorities, it’s a real treat to drive. It handles like a regular car. And this makes its off-road abilities feel like an awesome party trick. Plus, the high-set driving position and large windows give you an excellent all-round view making it easy to judge the extremities of the car from the driver’s seat. The Škoda Yeti has a five-star safety rating.

What about running costs?
In the 2013 JD Power satisfaction survey, the Škoda Yeti finished in second place in a field of 116 cars. Despite this, none of the different engines for the Škoda Yeti perform as well as what you’ll find in the competition.

The verdict
There are plenty of people searching for a used Škoda Yeti. This means the resale value is high. Do your homework, place a bid at ADESA and make sure your used Škoda Yeti doesn’t elude you.

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