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Toyota Auris

The Toyota Auris is available as a compact hatchback or hatchback station wagon. It’s the ultimate all-rounder with impeccable reliability …

Is it practical?
Is it ever! The Toyota Auris only uses small- and midsized engines with enough torque and power to allow you to drive comfortably in the city or on the freeway. You’ll be able to rely on reasonable fuel consumption. There’s something else though. Apart from selling it as an all-rounder, there is one more way to market a new or used Toyota Auris. It will never let you down. Ever. According to Top Gear, ‘it’ll last longer than you, even if you live to be eleventy hundred and four.’ What a selling point!

The verdict
The reliability and all-round performance makes the Toyota Auris a wise investment. When it’s time to stock your dealership with used Toyota Auris models, make sure you head to ADESA.

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