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Toyota Avensis

The Toyota Avensis is a midsized/large family car available as a sedan and a station wagon. What it lacks in thrills, it more than makes up for in reliability …

Is it practical?
It redefines practicality! The Toyota Avensis looks the part, offers a decent amount of space and is quite comfortable. However, you won’t find it loaded with bells and whistles; the Avensis is practical and efficient, unapologetically lacking the luxury touches of the Opel Insignia or the Škoda Octavia. The Toyota Avensis delivers exactly what you need from a midsized or large family car.

What about running costs?
The Avensis is available with reasonably powerful small to midsized engines. The running costs are quite reasonable when it comes to fuel consumption. In other words? No thrills, but plenty of dependability. There’s always a question about how much life a used car has left in it. And this is where the Toyota Avensis really stands out. A used Toyota Avensis will still be running long after its competitors have been recycled.

The verdict
It may not look, feel or sound like the greatest option ever. But when it comes to a dependable, reliable way to move from A to B? A used Toyota Avensis is the perfect solution.

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