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Toyota Prius

The Toyota Prius is a fully hybrid electric car available as a four-door sedan and a five-door hatchback. It combines a combustion engine with an electric propulsion system, resulting in low emissions and low fuel consumption.

What is the Toyota Prius?
The Toyota Prius is largely considered to be the first hybrid vehicle. It combines a combustion engine with an electric propulsion system. It used to be the market leader in this area. While it is still one of the cleanest vehicles sold, with each successive edition reducing emissions and increasing the comfort and driveability, it has struggled to keep ahead of its competition. Nonetheless, it’s still the best-selling hybrid in the world.

Is it comfortable? 
No matter what you think about the way the Toyota Prius looks, you’re sure to agree it’s incredibly recognisable. Maybe this was a clever marketing ploy by Toyota to make sure anyone driving a Prius would be given the respect they deserve. The Prius has a lot of room up front, with more in the back than a lot of similarly sized cars. It’s only made as a hatchback nowadays, but you won’t have trouble fitting your luggage into the boot.

What about running costs?
Do you hear that? It’s the silence a Prius makes as it accelerates using the electric propulsion system. It will run on the electric system up to speeds of 55km/hour, making for a relaxed and clean drive through the city with low fuel-consumption. While the typical Prius isn’t as clean as a Plug-In or fully electric car, it doesn’t need to be recharged either. It’s also a lot cleaner, with better mileage, than any car relying solely on a combustion engine. With such low emissions, road taxes on a Prius are also wonderfully low. And this makes a used Toyota Prius extremely attractive to buy, whether it’s to be a small family car or a company car.

The verdict
The Toyota Prius used to be the be all and end all of the hybrid cars. And although there’s a lot more competition nowadays, the reputation is still relevant for anyone in the market for a used car. A used Prius has a certain sense of wonder about it that makes it incredibly attractive. What are the prices for a used Toyota Prius? ADESA has the answers!

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