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Toyota Rav4

The RAV4 is a no-nonsense compact crossover. It combines low fuel economy, excellent manoeuvrability and plenty of space.

What is the Toyota RAV4? 
In the 1990s, Toyota basically invented the compact crossover with the first RAV4 (RAV is an abbreviation of Recreational Active Vehicle with the 4 standing for 4WD). In fact, the Toyota Rav4 used to be almost the only option if you wanted the benefits of an SUV, such as increased cargo room and higher visibility, as well as the manoeuvrability and fuel economy of a compact car. It was marketed as a fun ride for anyone with a sense of adventure. But nowadays? There are plenty of other cars, such as the Nissan X-Trail or the Kia Sportage, that live up to this concept better than the RAV4. It’s now more popular as a business car. It’s also interesting to note how many people prefer a used RAV4 to a family hatch.

Is it comfortable?
The RAV4 is huge in comparison to family hatchbacks. And this allows it to offer other benefits such as a reclining back seat and plenty of head- and leg-room. There are deep door pockets and storage compartments galore around the seating. At the back, the RAV4’s enormous cargo area also has a low lift-over height, making it easy to hoist heavy or bulky items such as furniture or pet elephants. And if you’re still struggling for room, the back seats fold flat into the floor.

The verdict
The Toyota RAV4 delivers no-nonsense practicality, rugged styling and reliability, as well as the safety and handling of a 4WD. The cabin is predictably Toyota-ish: solidly constructed, but short on flair. You might be going without the bells and whistles, but you are getting a car that will last forever. All the more reason to take a look at which used Toyota RAV4 models are currently available on ADESA.

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