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Toyota Yaris

The Toyota Yaris is a subcompact available as a hatchback, coupe and sedan. It deserves a look from anyone who spends most of their time in town and wants rock-bottom running costs.

What is a Toyota Yaris?
The Yaris used to be completely different to anything else on the market. It had a unique and attractive look about it and an unexpected amount of interior room. It was so impressive that the Toyota Yaris won Car of the Year awards in Europe and Japan. And while the Yaris used to be as small as its competitors, many of them seem to have swelled out in more recent models. However, the Yaris remains small, easy to drive and handle, with a tiny turning circle, big side windows and thin pillars that make it a delight when you’re zipping about or parking in town.

Is it comfortable?
You’ll be comfortable in the front of the Toyota Yaris. It has generous head- and legroom, even for tall adults, and the doors open wide, so climbing into and out of the front seats is easy. The seats are very supportive, the pedals align nicely with the steering wheel and all your controls are within easy reach. And then there’s the back seat … Three children can sit there without a problem. Pop two adults in the back and they’ll have their knees against the back of the front seats and heads threatening to bump against the roof. And then you could try squeezing three adults into the back of a Toyota Yaris … It’s not impossible, but certainly not comfortable.

What about running costs?
The running costs are miniscule. Every Yaris has a tiny engine, low fuel consumption and there are even hybrid versions on the market nowadays. As a Toyota, the Yaris will drive even if you only ever run it through basic servicing and maintenance. And this puts a used Toyota Yaris a step ahead of its competitors.

The verdict 
The Toyota Yaris offers a lot. A used Yaris is perhaps more attractive than its competitors, such as the Volkswagen Polo or the Ford Fiesta because of the incredible reliability. Exactly what is a used Toyota Yaris selling for? Find out at ADESA!

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