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Volkswagen Golf

The Volkswagen Golf has won almost every award you can think of: World Car of the Year, European Car of the Year, South African Car of the Year and was the first imported vehicle to be selected as Car of the Year in Japan. With all these honours, it’s little wonder the Volkswagen Golf is the second-best selling vehicle in the entire world. There’s just one question … Exactly what makes the Volkswagen Golf so good?

How does it drive?
Quite simply, the Volkswagen Golf is a delight to drive. The engine is powerful, reliable and highly responsive. Although the Volkswagen Golf used to be better known as a family car, its excellent performance has allowed it to make a name for itself in even the ‘Hot Hatch’ market segment. In fact, there are plenty of different variations, including three-door hatchbacks, five-door station wagons and even convertibles. 

Is it comfortable?
We see a lot of different vehicles at ADESA ... But we’re always impressed by the Golf. Volkswagen has designed one of the most driver-friendly dashboards on the market. Everything is laid out for ultimate visibility and accessibility. Each new release takes a step further in maximising the space in the car and increasing passenger comfort. Depending on the model, you’ll find anything from leather upholstery to ultra-modern entertainment systems, enabling the Volkswagen Golf to compete with and even out-perform the likes of the Škoda Octavia and the Audi A3. This means there’s one thing you’ll have every time you invest in a used Volkswagen Golf: a great buy.

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