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Volvo S60

A compact executive car, Volvo S60 doesn’t just look sleek and powerful. It drives like a rocket too. It’s broken 18 British land speed records. And there’s a model that’s been purpose-built for the police in the UK. But speed isn’t all it offers.

Is it comfortable?
The Volvo S60 scores a five-star safety rating with 94% for adults and 82% for children. But of course, it’s a Volvo, and you expect it to be safe, safer than competition such as the Mercedes C Class and the Audi A4. But this isn’t all Volvo concentrated on. They went to every effort to make sure you feel comfortable in the S60. At its heart, it’s a luxury sedan. The seats are comfortable, even when you drive long distances, and there are plenty of fancy electronic options available to keep everyone entertained.

The verdict
In the Volvo S60, these options are also available for drivers, ranging from Road Sign Recognition to suspension that adjusts itself 500 times a second. This means that, more than with other vehicles, the value of used Volvo S60s will vary depending on the age and model of the vehicle and the included options. Make sure you do your homework before you enter your bid!

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