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Volvo S80

Like the BMW 5 Series, the Volvo S80 is an executive car. It offers incredible comfort that makes it perfect for long drives on expressways.

What is the Volvo S80? 
Travelling salespeople: are you looking for a nice comfortable ride to zoom along expressways and freeways? The Volvo S80 might be the best possible choice. It’s refined, drives well and has the elegance and safety you would expect from a Volvo.

Is it comfortable?
The Volvo S80 will drive 800km on a single tank of fuel. This makes it especially important for the big car to be extremely comfortable. And Volvo hasn’t disappointed. The seating is so comfortable that it could be made from clouds. There’s plenty of leg-, head- and shoulder-room in the front and the back. Plus, you’ll be able to fit plenty of luggage in when it’s time to head off on holiday. And with the S80, you’ll want to!

The verdict
While the Volvo S80 isn’t too bad in the city, you really unleash its benefits on the open road. It may be the perfect vehicle for anyone who spends their days on the freeway or expressway … Look for your used Volvo S80 at ADESA.

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