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Volvo S90

The Volvo S90 is available as an executive sedan and a station wagon. It’s perfect for older drivers looking for a comfortable, safe vehicle that has a touch of class and isn’t a Mercedes E Class.

What is the Volvo S90? 
The S90 is almost like a modern take on the stereotypical, boxy Volvo of the 1980s. While in recent years, most vehicles have become increasingly dynamic and sporty, Volvo has taken a step back towards the classic Volvo styling with the S90. This makes the S90 an emblem of executive level power and wealth.

Is it comfortable?
One look at the interior will tell you it’s aimed at a conservative, older generation who want their creature comforts. The interior trim is lavish and designed to impress. The internal electronic display is wonderfully basic and straightforward. As for the space? The interior of the S90 is so huge that you could almost get lost in there!

What about the running costs?
The Volvo S90 definitely isn’t aimed at young speed demons. It’s fitted with four-cylinder engines to keep emissions low and fuel consumption lower. There’s also an S90 Cross-Country, apparently suitable for off-road use, which will most likely raise the running costs, while the S90 T8 is a plug-in hybrid. All the larger engines are fitted with Power Pulse compressed exhaust gas turbos.

The verdict
There’s a lot of appeal for older demographics who are interested in a conservative vehicle with a classic look. Look for your used Volvo S90 at ADESA.

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