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Volvo V40

The Volvo V40 is a small family car available as a five-door hatchback. It’s perfect for driving in the city, with innovations that ensure safety and comfort. It’s a competitor for the Volkswagen Golf and the BMW 1 Series, but its luxury sets it apart from the Fiat Bravo and the Ford Focus.

What is the Volvo V40? 
The Volvo V40 is a small family car designed for use in the city. It handles like a dream and responds to the slightest touch of the accelerator. The later releases also have park assist technology. The V40 is equipped with a high-performance engine that works with the advanced transmission to deliver excellent acceleration with low fuel consumption and admirably low levels of exhaust emissions.

Is it comfortable?
The Volvo V40 is a Volvo, so be prepared for plenty of comfort! The seats are wonderful and there are plenty of cool little touches such as a frameless rear-view mirror. The driving comfort benefits from the higher ground clearance; it gives you the feeling you’re above the traffic. And when it comes to safety? Only the best materials and technology have been used. Volvo V40 models don’t just share in the Volvo reputation for safety, they push it a step further; in the latest releases, you’ll find pop-up bonnet technology for pedestrian safety, seven airbags, plenty of strengthening and a high percentage score in its five-star safety rating.

The verdict
With comfort, safety and easy handling, the Volvo V40 is perfect for the city. A used Volvo usually retains a lot of its value. A used Volvo V40 retains its value even better, especially the models with diesel engines. Make sure you bid with this in mind!

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