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Volvo V90

Like the Audi A6 and the Mercedes E Class, the Volvo V90 is available as a station wagon and a sedan. It’s a luxury car, but one that successfully combines style and practicality.

Is it comfortable?
Volvo clearly thought long and hard about the V90. It does what few luxury cars do well: combine style and practicality. The angled roof at the rear leads to a very low boot lip that’s helpful for loading, while the glovebox, the different cubbies and the door compartments make practical storage an exercise in style and coolness. With wonderfully supportive, highly adjustable seats, it almost feels as though the V90 was designed for long journeys. The pedals are nicely aligned with the driver’s seat, to keep you comfortable.

What about running costs?
This will really depend on the model; there are versions of the V90 that are only available with automatic transmission and 4WD. Does this rule out low fuel costs? Not necessarily. Volvo also infused many of the same V90 models with ‘Power Pulse’ technology; the turbo is fed with compressed exhaust air, resulting in better fuel economy. There’s also a hybrid version of the Volvo V90 that lowers taxes by lowering emissions.

The verdict
The Volvo V90 has enough space to allow it to serve as a family car. It also has the classy feel that makes it perfect as a company car for mid-management. Where do you get yours? There’s only one place to look for used Volvo V90s: ADESA!

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