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Closing days

 30/04/2021 - 06/05/2021  Bulgaria (BG)  Pazardzhik Due to Covid-19 measures Hub BG is closed. No transport possible.
 Date:  Head office Tienen  Pickup locations  Comments
 05/04/2021  Closed  Closed  
 13/05/2021 - 14/05/2021  Closed  Closed  
 24/05/2021  Closed  Closed  
 Date:  Office France  Pickup locations  Comments
 Closed  Closed  
 13/05/2021  - 14/05/2021  Closed  Closed  
 24/05/2021  Closed  Closed  
 Date:  Office Germany  Pickup locations  Comments
 02/04/2021  Closed  Closed  
 05/04/2021  Closed  Closed  
 13/05/2021  Closed  Closed  
 24/05/2021  Closed  Closed  
 Date:  Office Italy  Pickup locations  Comments
 05/04/2021  Closed  Closed  
 Date:  Office Netherlands  Pickup locations    Comments
 05/04/2021  Closed  Closed  
 27/04/2021  Closed  Closed  
 13/05/2021  Closed  Closed  
 24/05/2021  Closed  Closed  
 ADESA hubs
 Date: Country  Pickup locations  Comments
 02/04/2021  Netherlands (NL)  Raamsdonksveer  Closed at 14:00 CET 
 02/04/2021  Germany (DE)  Schmidgaden  Closed
 02/04/2021  Germany (DE)  Krefeld  Closed
 02/04/2021  Germany (DE)
 Hodenhagen  Closed
 02/04/2021  Portugal (PT)  Setubal  Closed
 05/04/2021  Croatia (HR)  Luka  Closed
 05/04/2021  Germany (DE)  Hodenhagen  Closed
 05/04/2021  France (FR)  Aulnay  Closed
 05/04/2021  Netherlands (NL)  Raamsdonksveer  Closed
 05/04/2021  Italy (IT)  Lonato  Closed
 05/04/2021  Belgium (BE)  Genk  Closed
 05/04/2021  Germany (DE)
 Krefeld  Closed
 05/04/2021  Germany (DE)  Schmidgaden  Closed
 30/04/2021  Bulgaria (BG)  Pazardzhik  Closed
 30/04/2021  Romania (RO)  Pitesti  Closed
 03/05/2021  Bulgaria (BG)  Pazardzhik  Closed
 03/05/2021  Romania (RO)  Pitesti  Closed
 03/05/2021  Poland (PL)   Łajski  Closed
 04/05/2021  Bulgaria (BG)  Pazardzhik  Closed
 06/05/2021  Bulgaria (BG)  Pazardzhik  Closed
 13/05/2021  Germany (DE)  Schmidgaden  Closed
 13/05/2021  Germany (DE)  Riedstadt   Closed
 13/05/2021  Germany (DE)  Krefeld  Closed
 13/05/2021  - 14/05/2021  Belgium (BE)  Genk  Closed
 13/05/2021  Netherlands (NL)  Raamsdonksveer  Closed
 14/05/2021  Netherlands (NL)  Raamsdonksveer  Closed
 14/05/2021  Belgium (BE)  Genk  Closed
 21/05/2021  Germany (DE)  Krefeld  Closed 
 24/05/2021  Germany (DE)  Riedstadt   Closed
 24/05/2021  Germany (DE)  Krefeld  Closed
 24/05/2021  Belgium (BE)  Genk   Closed
 24/05/2021  Germany (DE)  Schmidgaden  Closed
 24/05/2021  Bulgaria (BG)  Pazardzhik  Closed
 24/05/2021  Netherlands (NL)  Raamsdonksveer  Closed
 03/06/2021  Germany (DE)  Krefeld  Closed
 21/06/2021  Germany (DE)  Krefeld  Closed
 ADESA Transport
 Date:  From  To  Comments

If you want more information about the closing days, please contact our customer service team.

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