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Closing days

 ADESA Transport
Date From To Comments
12/2022 - 01/2023  All destinations  All destinations Delays possible during holiday season 
 ADESA hubs
Date Country Pickup locations Comments
01/12/2022 Romania (RO)  Pitești Closed  
23/12/2022 - 03/01/2023 Hungary Budaörs Closed 
23/12/2022 Italy (IT) Lonato Closed from 13:00 CET
24/12/2022 - 01/01/2023 Germany (DE) Amberg Closed 
25/12/2022 - 26/12/2022  Romania (RO)  Pitești Closed 
26/12/2022 The Netherlands (NL)  Raamsdonksveer  Closed 
26/12/2022 Germany (DE) Hodenhagen  Closed 
26/12/2022 Germany (DE) Krefeld  Closed
26/12/2022 Germany (DE)  Riedstadt  Closed 
30/12/2022 Italy (IT)  Lonato   Closed from 13:00 CET  
02/01/2023 The Netherlands (NL)  Raamsdonksveer  Closed 
06/01/2023  Germany (DE)  Amberg Closed 
 Office Belgium
Date Head office Comments
01/11/2022 Closed Closed
11/11/2022 Closed Closed
 Office France
Date Office Comments
01/11/2022 Closed
11/11/2022 Closed  Closed 
 Office Germany
Date Office Comments
03/10/2022 Closed   Closed  
01/11/2022 Closed   Closed  
26/12/2022 Closed    Closed   

 Office Italy
Date Office Comments
01/11/2022 Closed  Closed  
07/12/2022 Closed   Closed  
08/12/2022 Closed  Closed  
26/12/2022 Closed
 Office Netherlands
26/12/2022 Closed  Closed 

Always make an appointment by e-mail and mention the reference number. 

If you want more information about the closing days, please contact our customer service team.


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