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You want to know everything will be okay when you purchase a vehicle on the internet. Which is why ADESA publish detailed descriptions of every vehicle on our site. And it’s why you have access to customer service representatives. They speak plenty of different languages, have information on how to bid and arrange transport services. But where does this leave the paperwork? You need to complete certain documents for the transfer of ownership, the pickup, the transport and the export of a vehicle. Does it sound like a headache? We’ll make sure it isn’t. We help and assist you at every step of the process.

You have an overview of all your purchases and the associated paperwork in your My account account. It all works in a very straightforward manner. Win an auction? Confirm the vehicle. You’ll then receive an order form that lets you pay for it. Your invoice is available after that. When your vehicle is ready for collection, you’ll be sent the vitally important Pickup Authorisation form (PuA). On request we will also provide the CoD. Click here to read the full pickup procedure.

You’ll find a complete history of all your purchased vehicles and all the related documents in your My account account.

Import/Export experts

ADESA has been selling vehicles internationally for more than ten years. You can rely on us for encyclopaedic knowledge of the documents you need to import a vehicle. They differ depending on where you are. Additional fees are charged to cover the cost of obtaining these documents.

1)   Importing from an EU country into a non EU country

EX document: You need an EX document to export a vehicle outside the EU. You can choose to order an EX document with a third party or ADESA can provide you this document for all vehicles which are physically located in Belgium or the Netherlands for a fee of €100.

For the moment, ADESA cannot arrange EX documents for customers from Belarus.

Please note: Dutch vehicles are not shown in auctions for non-EU customers due to local tax restrictions.

In case of export, ADESA requires, per vehicle that is exported to a non-EU country, a warranty. This amount will be mentioned separately on the order form and is twenty-one percent (21%) of the total amount of the vehicle price and the related fees and costs with a minimum of five hundred euros (EUR 500,00). This amount will be refunded as soon as the Exit Confirmation is received and the Final Delivery Document is approved.

2)   Importing from a non-EU country into an EU country






Vehicles from EU are exported to a country outside the EU
(example: Belgian car is exported to Serbia)

EX: € 100

You can choose to order an EX document with a third party or ADESA can provide you this document for all vehicles which are physically located in Belgium or the Netherlands.


Vehicles from EU are sold to another EU country
(example: Belgian car is sold to Romania)

No fee

No export documents required.

1 week

1 wee


Do you have any questions? We are here to help. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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