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Sell more vehicles and earn more money with Fin


Fin is a tool for you to buy vehicles you can sell within 60 days without using your money. Important: concentrate on volume rather than on high margins. Don’t buy vehicles which are hard to sell with Fin. Use Fin for the extra profit you earn with fast selling vehicles.

What is Fin?

Fin is part of your purchase contract with ADESA EU and allows you to defer your payment for your vehicle purchase for a small daily fee for maximum 60 days from the delivery date or from the moment the pickup authorization is sent. 

You can combine Fin with Optimo or Transport

It doesn’t matter which service combination you prefer, both services allow to sell the car first and pay for the vehicle after 60 days.
Fin and Transport costs 25€ and offers you a simple straightforward deferred payment service after the vehicle was delivered to you or the pick-up authorization is sent.
Fin and Optimo costs 50€ and offers you the deferred payment service and the peace of mind that comes with the extra inspection in the hub.


Fin offers you the convenience to defer the payment of your ADESA purchase for a small daily fee for up to 60 days.
• No additional registration
• Straight-forward deferred payment date ¹ 
• Vehicle delivered without investing your capital into your inventory
• Defer payments for up to 5 vehicles ² 
• Transparent daily pricing


How much does it cost?

Fin comes with a fixed product fee and has a daily fee that adjusts based on the purchase price of your vehicle.


The service combination Fin and Transport charges 25€ plus the daily Fin fee.
The service combination Fin and Optimo charges 50€ plus the daily Fin fee.
The unused time of the deferred 60 days will be refunded, based on when ADESA receives the payment. Bear in mind that a minimum fee will be retained based on the value of the car.
Any overdue payment will result in additional costs. See overdue Fin fee and explanation below. 

Price of the car Daily Fin fee Minimum Fin fee Overdue Fin fee
≤ € 5.000 3,00 € / day 100 €  32 € / Week
≤ € 10.000 4,00 € / day 125 €  42 € / Week
≤ € 15.000 5,00 € / day 150 €  53 € / Week
≤ € 20.000 6,00 € / day 175 €  63 € / Week
≤ € 25.000 8,00 € / day 200 €  84 € / Week
≤ € 30.000 10,00 € / day 200 €  105 € / Week
≤ € 35.000 12,00 € / day 200 €  126 € / Week
> € 35.000 Not available

What happens if you cannot pay the vehicle within 60 days?

As of day 61 your payment becomes overdue and ADESA has to do the following:
ADESA will charge you a € 250,- administration fee and an additional overdue Fin fee per started week, depending on the purchase price of your vehicle.
ADESA will retain the vehicle documents until the purchase and additional fees are paid in full.
ADESA will start legal actions as soon as the ongoing communication is discontinued.

We recommend you actively communicate with our customer service team if you become overdue with your payment.

We expect you to provide more insights into why you are in overdue with your payment and urge you to propose a plan to pay the overdue amount within a reasonable time frame to avoid legal actions.

How does it work?

STEP 1: After you have bought a car, you confirm your purchase in My account and choose the transport service and select the service “Fin” or “Fin & Optimo”.

STEP 2: You pay the daily Fin fee for 60 days plus the product fee (€25 if transport or € 50 if Fin&Optimo is selected) and the fee for the transport immediately via online payment.

STEP 3: ADESA will deliver the car to the HUB or to your doorstep, without you having paid for it yet.

STEP 4: The 60 days deferred payment period starts after the release of the Pickup Authorization of the car or on the delivery date in case of delivery to your premises.

STEP 5: As soon as you have paid the car, you receive the car documents within 2 working days. You can download the Final invoice from My account, and you get a refund for the difference in daily Fin fee, if you pay sooner than 60 days. Important: The minimum Fin fee varies depending on the total price for the car.

STEP 6: You can order Fin for up to 5 cars at the same time, or until the combined value of the ordered cars has reached € 70.000. You will see the status on the car detail page and in My Account.

Fin Flow

How do I become eligible for Fin? 

Fin is only available for customers who meet the eligibility criteria and who are registered in one of the following countries: Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Spain and Slovenia.

How can you start using Fin?

When you confirm your vehicle purchase in "MyAccount", choose your preferred delivery option and then select “Fin”. Log in to ADESA EU and use Fin for your purchases today!


For more information about Fin, please contact our customer service.

ADESA allows you to apply for your vehicle purchase the payment scheme Fin, which allows you to pay for the purchased vehicle up to 60 days later. Please note that if you don’t pay before or on day 60 after vehicle delivery or pick-up authorization is sent to you, ADESA will charge you a € 250,- administration fee and an additional overdue Fin fee per starting week, depending on the purchase price of your vehicle as indicated above. 

¹ You must be registered at adesa.eu and qualify for the Optimo Fin program.
² Fin must be repaid within 60 days after the release of the Pickup Authorization or in case of local delivery, on the delivery date.
³ May have up to 5 vehicles on Fin or a maximum value of €70.000. 

Dealers will not be eligible to use Fin if their ADESA account is blocked or they do not comply with the ADESA eligibility rules for this service offer. 

Fin excludes 1) vehicles that are above €35.000; 2) damaged vehicles or wrecks; 3) margin vehicles; 4) light trucks; and, 5) large commercial vehicles.  

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