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Frequently Asked Questions


1.1 Registration
· Can I use ADESA?
· How do I register?
· How can I prove my activity as a car trader or dealer?

1.2 Login & Account
· How do I change my password?
· Why is my account blocked?
· Why can I (still) not log in?
· Can I use ADESA on my smartphone?
· How can I create a bidder account?
· How can I call customer service?

1.3 Auction process
· What’s the most effective way to search for vehicles?
· How does the auction process work?
· How can I place a bid?
· Why and when are auctions sometimes extended?
· I won the auction, Do I always get the vehicle?
· What if I want to cancel my purchase?
· Does the EU Directive on Consumer Rights apply on my purchase?
· How do I make a complaint?

1.4 Car description
· Has the vehicle been in an accident?
· If no service book available, can I get a service history?
· Can I buy electric cars and transfer the leasing contract of the battery?

1.5 Cost & Payments
· How and when do I pay for the vehicle?
· How can I know when you have received my payment?
· What are the rates in 2020?
· What is the Margin Certificate?
· What is the VAT regime of a vehicle? What does it mean?

1.6 Transport & Pick Up process
· How can I order transport?
· When will my vehicle be ready for pickup?
· What is the pickup procedure?
· What are the opening hours of the pickup locations?
· Do I get license plates when I pick up the vehicle?
· When do I need to request an EKAER number?

1.7 Transport & Pick Up documents
· What is a Pickup Authorization (PuA)?
· Can I get EX and EUR.1 documents via ADESA?
· What is a Certificate of Delivery? How do I complete it?
· What is a CMR form and how do I complete it?
· Why was my final CMR rejected?

1.8 Car documents and other related documents
· When will I receive my car documents?
· Why do I receive German car documents for my Dutch car?
· Can I get a copy of the car documents before the car is delivered?
· What do I do if I’ve lost my car documents?
· Can I influence the shipping time of car documents?
· What is a COC?
· Can I get a duplicate invoice?
· Can I get a hard copy of my invoice?

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