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Frequently Asked Questions


1. Registration
1.1 Can I use ADESA?
1.2 How do I register?
1.3 How can I prove my activity as a car trader or dealer? (continental European customers only)

2. Login & Account
2.1 How do I change my password?
2.2 Why is my account blocked?
2.3 Why can I (still) not log in?
2.4 Can I use ADESA on my smartphone?
2.5 How can I create a bidder account? (continental European customers only)
2.6 How can I reach customer service?
2.7 Can I change my language settings?

3. Auction process
3.1 What’s the most effective way to search for vehicles?
3.2 How does the auction process work?
3.3 How can I place a bid?
3.4 Why and when are auctions sometimes extended? (continental European customers only)
3.5 I won the auction, Do I always get the vehicle? 
3.6 What if I want to cancel my purchase?
3.7 Does the EU Directive on Consumer Rights apply on my purchase? (continental European customers only)
3.8 How do I make a complaint?
3.9 Why is selling Dutch cars to non-EU buyers restricted?
3.10 How does ADESA support the Greek requirements for imported cars?
3.11 Does ADESA only sell second-hand vehicles? (continental European customers only)

4. Optimo and Optimo Fin
4.1 Why are Optimo and Optimo Fin suspended?

5. Car description
5.1 Has the vehicle been in an accident?
5.2 If no service book available, can I get a service history?
5.3 Can I buy electric cars and transfer the leasing contract of the battery?
5.4 How can I recognize pictures from damages?
5.5 Can I request a Service history, Maintenance history or Maintenance and repair report?
5.6 The vehicle I’ve bought has stickers or logos on it. Will they be removed before delivery?

6. Cost & Payments
6.1 How and when do I pay for the vehicle?
6.2 How can I know when you have received my payment?
6.3 What are the rates in 2023?
6.4 What is the Margin Certificate? (continental European customers only)
6.5 What is the VAT regime of a vehicle? What does it mean?
6.6 What is BPM?
6.7 What do the bank codes IBAN, BIC, SEPA and SHA mean?

7. Transport & Pick Up process
7.1 How can I order transport?
7.2 When will my vehicle be ready for pickup?
7.3 What is the pickup procedure?
7.4 What are the opening hours of the pickup locations?
7.5 Do I get license plates when I pick up the vehicle?
7.6 Can I change the delivery address for a transport I already ordered?
7.7 Why does ADESA need more time to prepare Italian vehicles?

8. Transport & Pick Up documents
8.1 What is a Pickup Authorization (PuA)?
8.2 Can I get EX and EUR.1 documents via ADESA? (continental European customers only)
8.3 What is a Certificate of Delivery? How do I complete it? (continental European customers only)
8.4 What is a CMR form and how do I complete it? (continental European customers only)
8.5 Why was my final CMR rejected? (continental European customers only)

9. Car documents and other related documents
9.1 When will I receive my car documents?
9.2 Why do I receive German car documents for my Dutch car?
9.3 Can I get a copy of the car documents before the car is delivered? (continental European customers only)
9.4 What do I do if I’ve lost my car documents?
9.5 Can I influence the shipping time of car documents?
9.6 What is a COC?
9.7 Can I get a duplicate invoice?
9.8 Can I get a hard copy of my invoice? 
9.9 How to obtain the document “Proof of leasing closure” for French cars?
9.10 What is the difference between the invoice address, the postal address, and the delivery address?
9.11 How do I arrange the documents required for exporting a vehicle outside the EU? (continental European customers only)

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