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Instruction Movies

5 movies to auction success

Learn how to use our auction website from these 5 movies

In these 5 movies below, we show you how to get the most out of our website. Just watch these short instruction movies and get started! Good luck!

Learn how to search through our selection of vehicles

In the movie below, we’ll show you 3 different ways to search efficiently for vehicles on ADESA. Moreover, we will show you how you can be notified about future car offers on our website. Watch en learn, it takes only 2 minutes!

Learn everything you need to know about our auctions

In the movie below, we will show you in about 3 minutes how the ADESA auctions are structured, what auction types you can choose from and how you can use specific auction features to your benefit. Finally, we will show you how to search for specific vehicles in our auctions.

Learn how to consult our extended car descriptions

In the movie below, we show you in detail all the information we provide for earch single car on our website. We entrust you with some tips before you start placing bids.

Learn how to efficiently place and manage your bids

In the movie below, we show you how to place and manage bids from the "My Bids" application. You find out about all the advantages of placing bids from here.

Learn how to manage your bids, logistics and sales administration

In this 2 minutes movie, we show you how to manage efficiently bids, logistics and administration, all from within your virtual office called "My account". You can also manage your favorite cars and To Do's from there. Enjoy watching our movie!