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NEW: "My Bids"

Place and manage your bids efficiently!

My Bids
Place and manage your bids efficiently. Discover the advantages of placing bids from the "My Bids" tab:

1. Log in and click on “My Bids” in the top menu.  
A new tab will open in your browser. You can continue surfing our website, while keeping an eye on your placed bids and followed cars. 

2. Place your best bid immediately.
The bids you place here are maximum bids, no stepwise bids! Click “submit” to place a “next bid”. Our system will choose the next available amount immediately.

3. Bids are always up-to-date!
The system automatically shows the most recent bid. If someone has outbid you, your bid will turn immediately red; if you hold the highest bid, the bid is green. You don’t need to refresh the page manually.
Note: In a blind auction the current price remains grey, even after you have placed your bid.

Follow up on bids

Follow your bids from “Overview”. If you have a lot of bids to manage, we recommend to follow up closely the status of your bids from the “highest bids” and “outbid” tab.

Follow up on cars

If you click on the binoculars on the auction page or in the car list, you can follow them from the “My followed cars” section in “My Bids”. Followed cars are displayed as long as the related auctions are open. If the related auction, have finished, the followed cars disappear automatically from your list of “Followed cars”.



Do you have any questions? We are here to help. Don’t hesitate to contact us.