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Benefit now from Optimo, the optimal payment, inspection & delivery service

Optimo contains 3 must-have services that only come at a surcharge of € 60 on the transport cost.

A payment delay
Additional vehicle inspection at the HUB 
Priority transport
Optimo Powered by ADESA


Your benefits

1. More buying power
You pay the fee for Optimo immediately via online payment. You only pay the total price of the vehicle just before arrival of your vehicle at the HUB via bank transfer.

This means you have a couple of days more to use your cash for other investments, thus increasing your buying power!

2. No risk of unexpected damages
Await your delivery with peace of mind. We organize an additional professional inspection of your vehicle at the destination hub, looking specifically for damages that could have been caused during transport and storage of the vehicle. In case such damages are discovered, we will solve them according to our claim policy.

Of course, after delivery you can still submit a claim in case the vehicle has damages that were not mentioned during the auction or the Optimo inspection.

3. Priority transport
After you have paid the fee for Optimo and as soon as the seller releases the car, we will put the car on transport. 

When ordering Optimo, you can choose to pick up the car at the local HUB yourself, or order transport to your offices after the car has been checked at the HUB.

Only 5 simple steps 

STEP 1: Log in to ‘My account’. Go to the “To be confirmed” tab. Click “Confirm” and choose “Next” until you reach step 3 “Transportation”.

STEP 2: In the “transportation” tab, check the box that you want to benefit from Optimo and click “Next”. Fill out the transport method.

STEP 3: On the "Confirmation" page, you now see the total price calculation for Optimo and -  if available - optional services. Click on the button “Execute online payment now”. Then, execute your online payment via the secured payment gateway of Ingenico and click “confirm”.

STEP 4: Now the vehicle will move in your My account account from “to be confirmed” to “To be paid”. A couple of days before the vehicle arrives at your local HUB, you will be invited by email to pay for the vehicle via bank transfer. In the meanwhile, enjoy your payment delay!

STEP 5: Once you have paid for the vehicle via bank transfer, we will send you the Pick Up Authorization, as usual. In My account under “My Documents”, you’ll now find 2 invoices: one for Optimo and one for the vehicle.

Important: Optimo cannot be ordered for the following vehicles:

- Vehicles above € 35.000
- Damaged cars / wrecks
- Light trucks and large commercial vehicles


For more information on Optimo contact our customer service  at +32 16 38 00 68.


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