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On this page, you’ll find the most essential information about each product or service offered by ADESA Europe. For each product, we listed a short description, why you should use it, how it works and where to find it, which are the exceptions and a link to a more detailed description. 

Bid agent

bid-agent Enter your maximum bid. The Bid agent bids for you - never more than is necessary to keep you in the highest bidder’s seat.
• You’re free to work, knowing you’ll bid no more than is absolutely necessary and will never go beyond your limits.
• Activate it using the switch on the car detail page. You can set it as your default bidding method from ‘My account’.
• Pressing the ‘Buy now’ button always wins the car, even if you set the bid agent first. 

More information regarding Bid agent

Consumer market price

market-price The consumer market price shows the average price for any particular vehicle on the consumer market in your country.
• This helpful guide tells you how little or how much to bid. It includes VAT, but doesn’t take damage into consideration.
• You’ll find the consumer market price on the right of the car detail page.
• Just note that it’s not available for all cars in all countries.

More information regarding Consumer market price

Copy of car documents

copy docs Get a digital copy of the car documents as soon as they arrive at the ADESA premises!
• You don’t have to wait until the original car documents have arrived to start preparing the registration of the car in your country.
• You can request a copy of the car documents during the completion of your purchase. Once available you can download them from My Account.
• Not all sellers release the documents at the same time, make sure to check the car detail page for these exceptions.

More information regarding Copy of car documents

Estimated transport times

transport-time Based on data from the past year, we provide an estimation of the delivery date of the vehicle, or the date the vehicle will be ready for pick up in case you organize your own transport.
• For each car you know how long it will approximately take to get to the location of your choice.
• Look for the estimated transport times under the “delivery options” section on the car detail page.
• Since it’s based on historical data, it remains an estimation.

More information regarding Estimated transport times

Mobile App

mobile-appOur mobile app allows you find cars, manage your bids and receive notifications about the most important auction events.
• Keep in touch with your bids and our offer from virtually everywhere.
• Download the app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play store and make sure to keep an eye out for updates.
• The app is currently only available for Apple iOS and Google Android.

More information regarding the mobile app

My Bids

mybidsFollow all your bids in different auctions at once. Tools such as Ultimo, x-Time and the price barometer appear here too. 
• With a full overview, you’ll find it easier to win your auctions! 
• Go to My Bids via the navigation menu on top of the website.
• You can’t use the bid agent from My Bids.

More information regarding My Bids


notifications-icon A message that pops up in your browser or on your mobile phone, to let you know what you need to know.
• You’re free to go about your business, knowing you’ll be informed about the most crucial auction events.
• You’ll need to allow your browser and phone to show these pop-ups. Adjust the settings in ‘My account’ to make sure you only receive the notifications you want.
• Available for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, iOS and Android.

More information regarding Notifications


optimo Optimo combines transport with 3 must-have services: a payment delay, a vehicle inspection upon arrival in the local hub and priority transport (when available). 
• Optimize your cash flow while gaining extra confidence about the state of the car you bought.
• Order Optimo when completing your purchase in My Account.
• Not available for every vehicle, make sure to check the transport options on the car detail page.

More information regarding Optimo


FinFin offers you the convenience to defer the payment of your ADESA purchase for a small daily fee for up to 60 days.
• No additional registration
• Straight-forward deferred payment date¹
• Vehicle delivered without investing your capital into your inventory
• Defer payments for up to 5 vehicles²
• Transparent daily pricing

More information regarding Fin

Price barometer

price barometer The price barometer shows how attractive your bid looks against the estimated sales price. 
• Bid your way from the red zone, through the yellow zone and into the green area for your best chance of success. 
• You’ll find the price barometer on the right of the car detail page.
• It’s not available for ‘Buy now’ auctions.

More information regarding The Price Barometer

Seller score

seller-score Using a classic 5-star system, we score our sellers based on 4 key performance indicators.
• You’ll know what to expect from a certain seller in terms of quality of vehicle descriptions, assignment chance, time until assignment and time until vehicle release.
• You’ll find the seller score under the “Origin” section on the car detail page. Make sure to log in first.
• Since it’s based on historical data, it’s not available for new or smaller sellers.

More information regarding seller score


transport After you bought a car, you can order transport to a logistical hub nearby, or directly to your location.
• You can buy cars from virtually everywhere, transport to your doorstep is only a click away.
• Check the transport options on the car detail page. When completing your purchase, you can select the transport option of your choice.
• For some routes or car types we don’t offer standard transport. However, you can always ask us for a quote!

More information regarding transport


ultimo After an auction closes, Ultimo gives you five minutes to submit your best and final offer.
• Maximize your chance to get the car assigned by the seller!
• You’ll receive an email or browser notification with a link to the car detail page. Only you have access.
• The car detail page shows whether Ultimo is available for an auction. It’s not available for x-Time auctions.

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