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New releases

Find out about our latest changes as we continue making the ADESA Europe platform faster, easier and more hassle-free.

02/06/2022 - New filter: auction source

Thanks to the neverending efforts to increase the variety in our auctions, you can now find cars on ADESA from more countries than ever before. To help you find the cars sold locally, you can use the new “Auction source” filter on our website. Select “domestic” to only see the cars that are sold by sellers in your country. That’s the easiest way to find a good deal close to home!

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16/03/2022 - My account is getting a makeover!

We strive to make your visit to as easy and convenient as possible for you. That's why we have improved the navigation and My account menu. Ticking off your to-do list is now easier than ever.

Navigation improvements:

• The navigation is shortened, to the point and brought to the left
• The "Sell cars" tab is removed from the navigation, replaced by the link at the bottom of the website and a banner on the home page

My Account improvements:

• My account becomes a dropdown menu containing all submenus, visible after login
• 3 pages have a new layout: Dashboard, Account settings and My Fin (if applicable)
• Old My account pages are incorporated in the new structure: My orders, My logistics, My documents and Claims
• AND FINALLY, you can now configure up to two delivery addresses!

Transitioning to the new format is work in progress. That’s why you'll see some pages in the old format and some pages that have already been updated. Don't worry, everything you need is still there. And once the upgrade is complete, you'll enjoy a smoother workflow on every page.


16/02/2022 - New search filter: dealer cars!

From today onwards, you can filter the ADESA offer on "Dealer cars"! The new filter enables you to search specifically for cars coming from franchised dealers and car traders. In just one simple click.

• Where can you find this new filter? Click on "Find cars" tab.
• How will you see this search filter? You need to log in to see the "Dealer cars" filter.
• Are other filters planned anytime soon? We are extending our searches with other filters in the near future. Stay tuned!

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23/12/2021 - New search filters bring you faster searches and better chances of winning

Our ‘Focus on’ filters let you tailor your searches, so you find what you’re looking for quickly and easily. You’ll now see two new filters:

1. Best description – A thorough assessment of the descriptions of these vehicles has shown them to be as accurate and trustworthy as possible.

2. Only at ADESA – These vehicles are exclusively available at ADESA. There’s no risk of bidding on a vehicle that has already sold through another platform.

Combine as many ‘Focus on’ filters as you like to refine your search. If you’d rather cast a wider net by not filtering your search, you can check the tags on any listing in the search results to see which ‘Focus on’ features a vehicle has.

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19/07/2021 - Ultimo button in MyBids

We’ve made Ultimo much more usable by including it in My Bids. This means that after the regular phase of the auction, if you are the highest bidder, Ultimo will automatically start from My Bids. It can take up to 1 minute after the end of the auction before Ultimo is launched. You will see a message “Preparing for Ultimo” in the meantime. You don't need to click any link or go to another page if you are bidding from My Bids.

23/09/2021 - The car description PDF got completely rebuilt

The car description PDF got completely rebuilt. It now has all details matching exactly what is shown online, and it looks better too! The damage description has become more accurate and precise. Buy cars with even more confidence than before!

19/07/2021 - Ultimo button in MyBids

We’ve made Ultimo much more usable by including it in My Bids. This means that after the regular phase of the auction, if you are the highest bidder, Ultimo will automatically start from My Bids. It can take up to 1 minute after the end of the auction before Ultimo is launched. You will see a message “Preparing for Ultimo” in the meantime. You don't need to click any link or go to another page if you are bidding from My Bids.

06/05/2021 - Technical inspection validity

As an addition to the “Condition” section of the car description, you will now see for some vehicles what the expiry date is of their last technical inspection.

11/03/2021 - The car’s condition summed up in one spot

A new section on the car description collects the crucial information on the condition of the vehicle. At one glance, you will find out:
• If the car has been in an accident before (only for Germany);
• If the car is drivable;
• At which date and mileage the last maintenance was done.

22/02/2021 - Extended damage report

The damage report now shows two new damage indicators.
• The wheels have become part of the damage description, indicated with the severity of the damage on the car diagram.
• Corrosion is added as a damage type.

13/01/2021 - Delivery date prediction is now dynamic!

Tracking your car during transport has become a bit easier. While your car is traveling from the seller to your preferred destination, it passes through various checkpoints. At each of these checkpoints, you’ll get a new prediction of the date range at which you can expect your car. You will also know when there are unforeseen delays. These dates are calculated using historic data, so remember that deviations can always occur. As a next step, we’ll integrate these predictions in My Account.

26/10/2020 - New features for damage descriptions

We made some slight changes to the picture gallery for damaged cars:
• All pictures will be labeled “damaged”
• If a picture indicates a specific damage, a red triangle will be shown in the picture carrousel

Damage indication carrousel

12/10/2020 - Improvement for x-Time auctions

During the x-Time phase of an auction, you’ll now see message indicating the position in the queue of a car you’re following or bidding on.

1/10/2020 - New functionalities for search and order completion

• A new sorting function allows you to sort your search results based on the date the auctions started, with the most recent ones on top. This is now the default sorting method for users which are logged out, but also available if you’re logged in.

Sort most recent on top

• After completing your order, a button now allows you to immediately download the pro forma invoice.

Download pro forma

09/06/2020 - Changes made to the order completion process

We want to make transactions quick, easy and hassle-free. The perfect antidote to the stresses of the past few months. Every service we offer you for your vehicle is now accessible on a single page. They’re even placed in a simple, logical order. Tell us where you want your vehicle sent and the page will automatically and instantly calculate the prices for all services like transport and Optimo. This is what to expect:

• Visible prices
• Estimated delivery times
• Flexibility
• Online payments made easy
• Mobile friendly

Completion flow

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14/02/2020 - Optimo available for Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania

We activated Optimo for Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

• The transport will go through the hub in Poland, where the vehicle check will be done
• Local transport is available
• There is a € 50 price reduction to promote Optimo for those countries, valid until the end of April

30/01/2020 - My Bids: The whole bidding experience on a single page

As the My Bids page is at the centre of all your bidding action, it should be attractive, up-to-date and convenient for you. Which is why we are happy and proud to unveil the new My Bids page. A few of the new additions deserve some explanation:

• Besides the info on the cars you’re bidding on, you’ll see the Price barometer, Estimated price and Ultimo (Coming soon!) info for each of your bids.

• The My Bids page also has tabs for ‘Active’ and ‘Closed’ auctions. The ‘Closed’ tab includes the results of all the auctions in which you’ve placed a bid

• You’re able to see the visuals in either a grid view, or if you’re a power user who has several bids running at once, in a table view.

• The My Bids page is designed to be smartphone-accessible

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30/01/2020 - Two new search options: 'Immediately available cars' and 'Highest win chance cars'

When you search on the two new options, you’ll find cars that are more likely to be assigned to you, or that the cars will arrive at your site quicker than before.

Immediately available cars: These cars are already on our premises at the end of the auction. This means they’re ready to be picked up and transported straight to you as soon as the car is paid. Discover these vehicles!

Highest win chance cars: These cars helps reduce the risk of not getting the car assigned by the seller after having won the auction. Make sure you enter a bid that’s close to the estimated price and you have the highest chances that you’ll win the car and that the seller will assign it to you. Discover these vehicles!

These 2 options are available as ‘Focus on’ options in the ‘Find cars’ tab.


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