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The Facility Services Agency - Belgium - Public fleet owner

"A partner that lives up to its promise to take every concern out of our hands"
The Facility Services Agency (‘agentschap Facilitair Bedrijf’) helps the Flemish government with a range of services, such as building management, procurement and fleet management. Three years ago, the agency decided to use ADESA’s services.

Winner of public procurement
When the Facility Service orders services, it must comply with government procurement legislation. This was something that Fleet Manager Jelle De Ketelbutter had to bear in mind when he was looking for an alternative for selling used vehicles. Jelle: "We launched a public procurement and ADESA emerged as the best, as the company’s services match our requirements most closely. In 2018, we concluded a framework agreement for 4 years, since when we have been working exclusively with ADESA."

All concerns taken care of
The Flemish government’s fleet contains more than four thousand vehicles. Some thirty entities of the Facility Agency rely on the auctions of ADESA. "Selling cars is not one of our core tasks," according to Jelle. "It’s only logical that this is something we’d rather outsource. In ADESA, we found a partner that lives up to its promise to be flexible and take every concern out of our hands."

Agreements strictly observed
Jelle: "In the past, we sometimes brought vehicles to ADESA for inspection, but in the future we’ll rely more on the collection service. Just like the request and the bids, the administrative processing and the payment are always concluded within agreed deadlines."

No small print
ADESA guarantees high prices and margins by bypassing intermediaries. "In general, we’re very satisfied with the bids. However, if we think the best offer is still too low, we can decide not to sell and don’t have to pay any extra fees. On top of this, ADESA always comes up with an alternative. That honesty and flexibility are big plus points."

Professional and reliable
ADESA strictly respects the framework agreement, including the short lead times from request to sale and payment. "Expertise, bids, payments, etc.: everything is really fast, correct and completely digital. If I have any questions or suggestions, our Account manager is always eager to listen. Looking after the customer is taken seriously by ADESA."