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Besix - Belgium - Private fleet owner

Business partners testimonials

ADESA drives a perfect lap for BESIX
BESIX is a leading player in the construction and property sector. The company has been relying on ADESA to sell on its used building vehicles for a number of years. It can count on rapid, simple sales, and always achieves the best prices.

Transparent procedure
BESIX has about 150 utilitarian vehicles in its fleet. Most are brands and models that maintain their value, such as the Volkswagen Crafter, Transporter and Caddy. Fleet Supervisor Christophe Dockx: "A few years ago, my manager asked me to contact ADESA. Account manager Peter Steeno explained the procedure and service, and I was immediately hooked."

Thorough expertise
In line with its internal policy, BESIX places lots of an average of five to fifteen vehicles with three different parties. Christophe: "Within a few days of our request, ADESA sends us a detailed valuation. Barely a working day later, the auction starts; quicker than that is virtually impossible."

Short turnaround
The bids received by BESIX are valid for 48 hours. "That’s more than enough time for me", says Christophe Dockx. “Usually, I reply the same day. In a company like ours, speed and efficiency are crucial. ADESA knows how to respond to this perfectly, and that includes collection and payment."

Best bid
Thanks to ADESA, buyers and sellers of vehicles can easily find each other. Christophe Dockx: "The online auctions are easy to use, which saves us time and excessive bureaucracy. Another advantage is that the international buyer network makes it easy to find a customer prepared to pay the best possible price."

Human test
“What are ADESA’s greatest qualities? Fair prices, smooth service, and reliable working methods - virtually unique in this sector. The no sale, no pay guarantee is another nice bonus, although we haven’t needed it up to now. ADESA has been gloriously successful with every assignment. They drive a perfect lap for us!"

Christophe is also full of praise for Account Manager Peter Steeno: "Peter is open and easy to reach. He’s the human face of ADESA; behind the online platform, people who know what they’re doing take care of everything."