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Car Server - Italy - Leasing company

Business partners testimonials

ADESA is the ideal service for online sales
Nine months ago, Car Server was looking for an online sales service for its used vehicles and found ADESA. Since then a weekly collaboration has been born based on the transparency of each negotiation.

International market
"ADESA offers a large audience of buyers from all over Europe. This is what it takes to easily sell commercial vehicles and high-mileage generalists. "Word of Erminio Alberti, Car Server's auction coordinator.

Quick auctions and short negotiations
A physical auction can take a long time. The online auction system of ADESA is designed to close every deal in less than 5 days. Erminio Alberti: "The auctions last a maximum of 2 days and we receive offers already in the early hours. ADESA pays regularly within 48h. "

Autonomy and efficiency of the service
Selling a used car is always an investment of time and energy. For this reason, according to Car Server, the external management of the sales cycle is another distinctive element of ADESA: "They think of everything, from the auction to the payment, up to the administrative procedures and the withdrawal of the car. It's all very fast and functional. "

Offline assistance
Direct assistance from ADESA Account Managers makes every deal even easier. Car Server has also been fully satisfied with the human face of this digital service.

If you do not sell, do not pay
Erminio Alberti has a word of respect also for the offers: "The ones we receive are good. We have not yet refused them, but in that case we would not pay anything for the service. "

The review
"ADESA is an auction house with good services that can offer many buyers and full clarity in negotiations. Rating 8. "