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Colas - Belgium - Private fleet owner

Business partners testimonials

“ADESA does everything officially and professionally - a must for COLAS Belgium."
COLAS Belgium builds private and public infrastructures and road amenities that improve the living environment and protect the environment. When it comes to auctioning his fleet, the road construction company relies solely on ADESA.

Reliable transactions
Juliano Berti has been responsible for COLAS Belgium’s fleet of Volkswagen AG vehicles for four years. Juliano Berti: "When I was given this position, COLAS Belgium was already working with ADESA. ADESA is a reliable partner in a sector where such solidity is often lacking. We sell thirty to forty cars and vans annually via the online platform; the process is always fast and smooth. "

Correct agreements
ADESA sells vehicles exclusively and directly to dealers and car companies. Juliano: "No cowboy nonsense; ADESA does everything officially and professionally - a must for us. The company respects the agreements it makes, and has turnaround times. The only thing we sometimes have to wait for is a valuation, which can take up to five days. The rest of the procedure, from auction to payment, is very fast."

Pleasant experience
The bids received by the seller are valid for 48 hours. Juliano: “To be honest, an extra day would be useful. I have to request internal approval, and that sometimes takes some time. As yet, I haven’t raised this issue with ADESA, but it’s on my to-do list. Apart from that, I have no issues at all with the procedure and services. Everything runs smoothly, and the auction platform is a pleasure to use. "

Positive cooperation
89 percent of ADESA’s customers are satisfied to very satisfied. This is the result of systematically requesting feedback and working on any improvement areas identified. Juliano: "I’m one highly satisfied customer. The few times that a price hasn’t met our expectations, ADESA has suggested alternatives, such as a daily offer. In the worst case, we don’t sell and have no costs. The only thing I still miss is meeting the Account managers in real life! We work so well together, and I’d like to know more about the people behind the helpful voices."