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Rossi Srl - Italy - Consession holder Mercedes-Benz

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Mercedes Benz Rossi has chosen ADESA for its online auctions
It's been almost a year since the first auction with ADESA. Giampaolo Mangoni, director of Mercedes Benz Rossi, tells us about his direct experience with the new online auction service dedicated to used vehicles.

The human face of a flexible digital service
The Mercedes Benz dealership is not new in the auction market, both physical and digital. Thanks to the availability of the Account Manager of ADESA, Giampaolo can now count on greater flexibility: "Since I started working with Alessandro, we have closer relationships, Today we sell together at least one machine a month."

Speed and efficiency
The speed of online auctions is the most distinctive element of ADESA, also for Mercedes Benz Rossi: "The times are very fast. The auctions end in 2 days and I always have good feedback from customers. ADESA usually pays within 48h. Another positive factor is that the service only pays for sales. "

High mileage
Through the platform you can sell older cars in less than 5 days: "The ideal product of ADESA auctions is high mileage. Vehicles damaged or to be restored are also good. I would not recommend the Km 0, the six-month cars and the half-new. "

Autonomy and management of the sales cycle
Time is money, so ADESA independently manages each step of the sales cycle: "I do not follow the auctions directly, I always wait for the bid file at the end. When I decide to sell, they pick up the cars from the square. If a problem emerges, they are ready to handle it and solve it. "

The review
"It is an efficient portal that certainly offers good sales potential. I would recommend it with a rating of 8 out of 10.