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Klinkenberg - Belgium - Private fleet owner

Business partners testimonials

ADESA: efficiency, speed and reliability
“At Klinkenberg, an energy supplier and installer in Belgium, we have a fleet of 140 utility vans and company cars. Managing them isn’t an easy task! At least, it certainly wasn’t in the past: we used to sell our vehicles to various individuals or merchants, who confronted us with a recurring problem. They made arrangements with each other to lower the prices. The result? Our cars were leaving us for a pittance. But then, we discovered ADESA.”

Saving time and money
“We didn’t use any tools for lack of time. Customers just walked past the building and stopped whenever a vehicle without a plate interested them.”

“ADESA has ensured I don’t lose time on selling vehicles. They look after everything: expertise, promotion, removal... At our request, they even take care of removing the stickers from our vehicles! It saves even more precious time.”

“We are very pleased with the price of our sales, even with the ADESA commission. We are often very pleasantly surprised at the prices our vehicles fetch.”

Satisfaction, from start to finish
“We found out about ADESA by word of mouth. We arranged a meeting with them, which went extremely well. The result? Our collaboration has already lasted three years.”

“The benefits of ADESA? Efficiency, speed and reliability.  No time wasted by complicated appointments or phone calls. I submit my request by email. Five days later, an expert visits us to assess the vehicle before it is put on sale. We receive an offer within a few days and, if we accept it, we receive the money within three days. After a few more days, the vehicle is taken away. Everything happens very quickly.”

More than a platform, a real service!
“ADESA also advises us on the approximate value of the vehicle. Sometimes we expect a price that is too high and they help us to be more realistic in our expectations. Other times, we expect too little and they advise us to increase the price.

“A buyer’s offer does not meet our expectations? No problem: I contact our Account manager and ask to make an immediate purchase offer with a fixed price. Management fees? Zero, even if I decide to remove the vehicle from sale. A very professional approach! To make a successful sale, both parties must be satisfied. That’s exactly the case with ADESA.”

We would not change for anything in the world
“The stress and hassle of selling are a thing of the past. I have never received a single piece of negative feedback from a buyer through ADESA. Once the vehicle is gone, we know we will never hear about it again. I would only say one thing: ‘to try it is to stick with it’.”