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Van der Wal - Netherlands - Car trader

Business partners testimonials

"ADESA gives our exports a boost"
Car dealer Van der Wal en Zonen has already clocked up no less than a hundred years of experience in b2b sales. However, export from the Netherlands was still in its infancy, so the family business looked for a solid partner to expand its foreign network. It found the answer in ADESA.

Export: gain without pain
Chris van der Wal: "Our cooperation with ADESA is a win-win situation. We don’t have to worry about developing an international market, and ADESA can expand its catalogue with Dutch cars." Older cars in particular sell quickly and profitably. Recent company cars and petrol vehicles are more difficult to sell.

Advantages galore
“For us, the low threshold and ease of use are the platform’s greatest assets", says Van der Wal. “The IT link with the ADESA system makes the procedure largely automatic. The big network of buyers and simple export and sales administration are other plus points."

Great service, great peace of mind
"We usually use Buy Now auctions where the validity of bids is less relevant. We are very satisfied with the speed with which we receive auction results: these come in just 15 minutes after the auction ends. The 'no-cure-no-pay' policy gives extra peace of mind."

Balancing demand and supply
"Because ADESA has so many cars for sale, buyers have a lot of choice", says Van der Wal. "That pushes prices down, so sometimes we have to adjust our asking prices. Fortunately, ADESA coordinates supply and demand perfectly, and we benefit from the fact that Dutch cars are in demand."

Profiting from sales opportunities
Van der Wal praises the cooperation. "ADESA is a professional sales platform with good service and local support. The extensive network significantly increases sales opportunities, and if ADESA expands into other new markets, that might increase even more. The downside is that there is also more competition. Nevertheless, we see a rosy future to our cooperation. What would make everything complete is for ADESA to provide us with information about international developments, and how these translate into sales opportunities."