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Bidding advice

The road to successful bidding

It’s sometimes difficult to decide how much to bid. You want to outbid other bidders and make a good deal. But what is the right amount to bid?

For most vehicles, we can provide an estimation of the price at which we think the seller will agree to assign the car. This estimation is based on our analysis of historical auction data, and permanently kept up to date. It's not a guaranteed reserve price, but it provides a good guideline. You will find the estimated price under the "Bidding advisor" section on the car detail page.

Of course, it’s then still up to the seller to accept your bid. But this little push in the right direction may significantly improve your chances of assignment.

Bidding process

Log in and go to the car detail page of the vehicle you want to place a bid on.

STEP 2: Enter your bid: Type in the amount or use the + / - button. You cannot place a bid lower than the starting price or the current highest bid. You will immediately see the total price you will need to pay at that bid level, inclusive fees and taxes.

STEP 3: Choose your bidding method:

Bid agent: You enter the maximum amount that you are willing to bid for a vehicle. However, this is not the amount that will appear on the website. The bid agent will only bid the lowest amount possible to surpass the previous bid. And, it will keep doing this until your maximum amount is reached.

Maximum bid or direct bid: You place a bid of € X, and that bid is immediately shown on the website. For your convenience, we recommend to place maximum bids immediately from the „My Bids” tab, visible only after login.

STEP 4: Submit your bid by clicking the „Place bid” button. Remember: all bids are binding and cannot be cancelled or removed from the website.

STEP 5: Place your best and final bid with Ultimo.

STEP 6: Follow up on bids using browser notifications or notifications on your smartphone via our mobile app.

Learn everything about it in this instruction movie:

Here are some special tips you can keep an eye out for:

1. Download our mobile app 
The ADESA mobile app allows you to manage your bids, find cars and remain informed about the most important auction events. You’ll need to download the application from the App Store (iOS) or the Google Play Store (Android)

Start up the app and log in using your ADESA user name and password. The app will remember your login details for 6 months, so don’t forget to change your password should your smartphone get lost or stolen.

2. Guaranteed assignment 
Buy Now auctions: You can avoid the whole bidding process by being the first to enter the Buy Now price. The vehicle will be assigned to you when the auction concludes.

Target auctions: If your winning bid is at least as high as the target price, you’ll be assigned the vehicle at the end of the auction.

x-Time auctions: Worried about auction snipers? They’re the people who wait until the last moment to suddenly out-bid you. No need, because during x-Time you will get your chance to put your best bid in.

3. Bidding tools
Do you want to become a bidding professional? Check out these tools that are designed to increase your chances to win cars at ADESA.

Think about the bid agent, price barometer, consumer market price, Ultimo, ... The links direct you to a clear and easy way to understand explanation of what they are and how they work.

Learn everything about it in this instruction movie:




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