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Used vans for sale

High-quality vans at low prices

It’s not easy to find high-quality second-hand vans. And it’s even harder to find them at competitive prices. Unless you go to ADESA. We source vans and light trucks of all shapes and sizes. They come from fleet owners, lease agencies and even manufacturers from across Europe. It only takes a few steps to purchase one for your car business:

Register with ADESA. Done? Great! Now log in.

Click on the Find cars tab or just go to the auction overview and select light trucks in the category: Body type.

You can narrow your search by adding some extra filters. You can even save your search. If you need more help, check our search instructions.

You’ve found the right van or light truck? Then don’t let it get away! Bid! You can either place a maximum bid or use the bid agent. Good luck!

The benefits of buying through ADESA

1.   3,000 vehicles daily

We offer you over 3,000 vehicles every day. They range from cars and passenger vehicles to vans and light trucks – and even extend as far as damaged vehicles. They come from sources that include leading leasing companies and car rental companies, as well as fleet owners and even manufacturers.

2.   Personal support

Of course, knowing what you’re bidding on is only part of the story. You also need to know what you’re doing when you bid. At ADESA you make your purchases in your own language. And if you’ve got questions? You can contact our customer service. A fully-trained representative will offer you help or advice in your language. After you’ve made your purchase, we also organise administration assistance, export documents, transport and even a claim service. Our contribution to making your life easier.

3.   Value for your money

We don’t want you to waste money. So you don’t pay us anything until you actually buy a vehicle. Your registration is free. You can contact us for free. You can bid for free. And if you win? There are no hidden fees. In fact, any costs you may have to pay, such as auction fees and country fees, are documented on the bidding page. You’ll know what they are before you bid.

4.   Easy follow up
An account with ADESA makes follow up easy. With a click of the mouse, you can follow up on:

   • your favourite vehicles;
   • auctions that interest you;
   • bids you’ve made;
   • all your purchases.

5.   Your reliable partner
We are your reliable partner in purchasing used vehicles online. Our vehicles are always presented with detailed vehicle descriptions, damage reports and in many cases we include a vehicle description provided by an independent 3rd party. You can count on us to always work in an ethical manner, even in case of unforeseen circumstances. In the exceptional situation that there is a problem with a vehicle you bought, you’ll find we respond quickly and fairly. Our detailed claim policy lets you know exactly what we will do.



If you need any further information, whether it’s on vans and light trucks, how to bid or anything in between, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to help.

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