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Car market study in Spain and France

Dear car trader, 

Between September 2016 and the end of January 2017 parallel market studies were carried out by ADESA in Spain and France. The organisations involved in the launch of these surveys were “Le Journal de l’Automobile” (a magazine specialising in the automotive sector) in France and Ganvam (Association of Motor Vehicle, Repair and Spare Parts Sellers) in Spain.

There were three answers to the question about the key factors that have influenced the development of the second-hand vehicle market: Firstly the crisis was seen as a key element.

Secondly the relationship between the sale price of new cars and the prices of second-hand cars, and thirdly the need to buy another vehicle.

The main factors that are affecting the development of the second-hand vehicle market in Spain.

Market study ES
The professionals responded very positively to questions about changes in sales volumes and prices in the near future. In both countries the majority of the professionals were convinced that volumes and prices will not suffer over the coming years, and they will at least tend to stabilise. 

In 2016/2017 the sales price and volume of second-hand vehicles in your company...

Market study ES

Compared with other previous studies, there is much greater confidence that prices will rise than there was two years ago. France does not have a shortage of second-hand vehicles, but in Spain a shortage of vehicles in the local market is confirmed by approximately 65% of those surveyed and these respondents also believe that it is still the most significant short-term problem in Spain.

When it comes to choosing an appropriate channel for buying second-hand vehicles, Spain and France have more or less the same preferences, preferring private sellers and leasing companies.

However in this category in France, international auction companies are ahead of car dealers. 

Through which channels and from whom have you previously bought second-hand vehicles?

Market study ES

It is very interesting to examine the perception in these two countries regarding the quality of vehicles from other European countries. Opinions differ greatly, as more than 80% of Spanish traders believe that the quality is as good as or perhaps better than Spanish vehicles. One must note that this conviction is much stronger in the Spanish market than it was in the 2014 study.

What image do second-hand vehicles from other countries in the EU have compared to Spanish second-hand vehicles?

Market study ES

Perhaps it is surprising that many professionals do not have a clear idea of the level of second-hand vehicle prices in other countries. However they believe that these prices may be lower abroad. In fact, the Spanish market offers significant import potential, as a current shortage of vehicles in the market now coincides with positive perception of quality and prices in the rest of Europe.

In comparison to similar vehicles in Spain, are the prices of second-hand vehicles in the EU...

There are many more positive responses than negative responses when it comes to the desire to import or export vehicles. Spain has changed markedly over recent years, and people are now much more open to importing vehicles from the rest of Europe. 

Would you be interested in importing/exporting second-hand vehicles from/to other EU countries?

Market study ES

However the level of interest in exports remains very low due to the shortage of vehicles.

Another new departure is that in the near future international auction companies will be in a better position to do business in the area of imports and exports.

These opinions are quite different from the responses to the study four years ago, when second-hand car dealerships, car dealers and international auction companies were at about the same level.

However nearly 30% of Spanish professionals are still undecided, so doubts still remain. This may indicate that the professionals are interested in opportunities and ready to change their attitude and the way in which they buy. Flexibility has become more important in this business. 

Which channel would you use to buy/sell? 

Market study ES

The reasons for deciding to do business with international auction companies only differ between Spain and France in the order of the three main responses: a very broad range of vehicles, quality or professionalism, and transparency in the marketing process are the most important factors. 

What are the most important factors when deciding to work with international second-hand vehicle auction companies?

Market study ES

A question focusing on the types of improvements that international auction companies would have to try to make highlighted the issues of “total price with no surprises” and “more competitive prices” in Spain, while in France there is more focus on the subject of “quality of information”.

The last question refers to the main reasons for not doing business with international auction houses, and here the reasons relate primarily to the perception of “excessive additional costs”.

The French professionals also mention the idea of “better price” and unlike those surveyed in Spain, they refer to the “administrative load” as a significant obstacle.

What are the main reasons for not buying or selling second-hand vehicles through an international Internet auction company?

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